Edo-tech: Language Learning through AI

Transform Your Language Learning Journey

Edo-tech leverages large-scale language models to revolutionize foreign language learning. Our web service offers an affordable way for learners to inquire about foreign language expressions, delve into the nuances, and gain insights from native speakers' perspectives until they are fully satisfied. We are committed to facilitating a comprehensive understanding and mastery of foreign languages, making high-quality education accessible to all. Join us in our mission to bridge language barriers and open new doors of opportunity.

About Us

Who is Edo-tech

Edo-tech is an international group of university English instructors and software engineers. Based on collaborative research, we develop and provide services. This template is designed to be flexible for various purposes, hoping it aids in your projects. We appreciate any form of support to assist in our ongoing development and service provision.

Our Services

What We Provide

We have developed specialized GPTs for English teaching. ChatGPT Plus users can use these services for free.